Upcoming Obedience Classes

Basic Dog Obedience Course (Group)

No of Lesson : 8 weeks

Duration each lesson : 1hr 30min

Date and Time : See training schedule below (June 2024 Class)

Venue : Sembawang Gambas Crescent (lifestyle training)

Fee : $680 

Course Objectives :

– Allow participant to better understand dog’s behaviour and the body language

– To learn how to better control and handle the dog at all situations

– To teach the dog basic obedience command and to apply into daily activities (lifestyle training)

– To build bond between participant and the dog

Course Outline :

– Understanding and communication with dogs (both verbal and body language)

– Different types of dog behaviours (theory)

– Command Training (theory and practical)

– How to apply commands in the daily real-life (practical)

– Knowledge of using different humane training aids

What will be taught?

 (A) Basic Obedience Commands (on leash)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Sit Stay
  • Down Stay
  • Recall / Come
  • Heel (walk on leash)
(B) Lifestyle Training
  • Lift Etiquette
  • Table Manner
  • Road Crossing Manner
  • Friends Greeting
  • Door/Entrance Exercises
  • Walking Pasts Dogs and People Calmly

Training Schedule for June 2024

Lesson 1, location at Gambas Crescent (Indoor). There is no need to bring your dog.
Lesson 2 -8, Sembawang area (outdoor). Both owner and dog to attend together
  • Kindly whatsapp 9623 0782 to register.