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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting Perfect K9 and I hope you will find what you need here.

I am Doris and like yourself, I am an animal-lover who strives to give the best to my furkids. I have developed a keen interest in different methods of animal care, healing techniques and training methods for more than 20 years.

My deep interest in animal care and training has led me to develop an impressive set of tools to help my customers and friends who always approach me for every big and small matter regarding their pet’s well-being. I also have a gentle touch and patience which complements my healing practice and animal communication.

Here’s what I can do for you:


As a certified dog trainer, I have trained many dogs of different age, breeds and sizes for more than 20 years.

I am one of the pioneers in using reward-based training in Singapore. My methods involve positive based lifestyle communication training.

I have applied this method on my own dog – Browny, whom I entered into 2002 SKC Obedience Competition, and was the Champion in that year! Browny was the only dog wearing a normal collar for competition that day! This result validates that positive training methods are far more effective than the negative ones. Since then, I have been useing reward-based training in all my sessions and has yielded many good feedback from my customers.

I have also participated in the volunteer training under the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Canine Search and Rescue Unit for 2 years.

Perfect K9 has also been feactured as one of the Best Training Schools in Singapore.

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Doris is an Animal Communicator Mentor. She conducts regular workshops and have trained hundreds of students to be animal communicators.
Some of these students have since become professional AC.

I am also a certified Advance Reiki Practitioner and have been practising this traditional Japanese healing art on both animals and human. Reiki has been used as a complement to professional veterinary treatment and the results has been amazing! Animals which I administered Reiki to have shown positive reaction and felt calmer, relaxed and happier after each session.

Other activities

I am a practitioner for pet CPR and first-aider, certified from PetTech’s ‘Petsaver’ program.

I have also participated in dog shows where I helped to show dogs as a contestant.