Reiki FAQ

  1. Can you describe what is Reiki to a layman?

Reiki is a traditional Japanese art of healing, which channels the universe’s life force energy to strengthen and heal. It can be used on both human or animals, communicating with them at the deepest level.

Some people would call it palm healing where our hands act as funnels that transfer the universe’s energy into the person or animal.

There are 2 parts to its name: Rei = Universal, and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. Thus, Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy.

  1. What type of situations do you use Reiki on animals?

When the animal is showing symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, old age, sickness, etc.

The benefits are tremendous for the animals and there is absolutely no harm to receiving Reiki. It can be given on a regular basis and even on healthy animals too.

  1. How is Reiki administered to an animal?

We only place our hands near the animals to give Reiki, most of the times we don’t even touch the animals.

  1. What will the animal feel?

If Reiki is used on humans, we would feel slight heat, coolness or tingling sensations. Animals would feel the same too.

  1. What type of reactions would animals have?

Animals love Reiki!

They would usually calm down instantly, then gradually doze off or flip over to ask you for more Reiki.

Sometimes, animals would turn their part of their bodies that need healing towards you so that you can administer Reiki directly.

  1. How effective is it?

Some animals can feel a lot better after the first session and this can be seen through their behaviour. Some others may take a few more sessions to see results.

Usually, they would eat better (for those not eating) or whine less (for those in pain), or they may simply be more lively and active during the day.

The results are amazing, and there are many owners asking for Reiki sessions. Some have also taken up courses to learn Reiki from me so that their pets can benefit more too.