What is AC?

Communicate to your furry loved ones now!


Have you ever wondered if your pets are happy or unhappy about something?

Do you have any idea on what they really think of you / your family / the environment?

You have something that you wanted to tell your pet but don’t know how to?

That’s where Animal Communication comes in – to be the bridge between our beloved pets and us. Because we want to deepen our understanding on what goes on in their minds and find ways on how to improve their lives, to make them feel better and happier.

Animals cannot tell us what they want or feel. But like us, they have their (i) likes and dislikes, (ii) emotions and feelings, and (iii) habits and personalities. Be it a dog, cat, bird, hamster, fish or terrapin…animals exhibit behaviours which reflect their characters and feelings.

We can interpret some of their behaviours and react accordingly, however there are many occasions where we cannot understand their true thoughts or misinterpret their behaviours. Many common behaviour problems are caused by misunderstanding on our part. Our pets may be confused on what is expected of them and behave the opposite of what we want them to do, they end up being beaten or scolded and subjected to large amounts of stress. Animals use their instincts to react to the surroundings, so when they are in fear or stress, they will bite or scratch you back. This leads to a deterioration of the relationship between you and your pet, even though your pet loves you and doesn’t want to hurt you in the first place. There are many examples today where owners would abandon or neglect their pets because of these behavioural issues.

What is Animal Communication?

Human beings possess the natural ability to communicate with one another using verbal and non-verbal exchange of words, signs, images to tell the other party of their feelings and thoughts.

Animals, on the other hand, do not have the ability to speak thus they rely on intuitive messages or an “inner knowing” / “hunch” which is also a form of non-verbal communication. This form of communication is very natural to them and they do it daily with other animals and human beings, and they pick up these messages from us all the time!

We have been using verbal skills all the time therefore we have largely ignored this intuitive or telepathic method of communication, and this is where animal communication comes in. As an animal communicator, I use this telepathic or intuitive method of communication to connect with your pets.

Animal Communication is the sending of energy, thoughts, feelings, ideas etc. It is not a special power or psychic as others have claimed. Psychic knows the past and predicts the future which animal communicator cannot. Animal communication is just an exchange of mind works between different parties using a function of your brain. Thus, animal communicator is like a ‘middle-man’ between ownes and their pets.