Reiki Services

How can Reiki help animals?

Animals can suffer from many types of ailments, be it severe/mild or curable/incurable. Pet owners should always seek professional advice and diagnosis from their veterinary surgeon first and foremost. When an animal is more peaceful and calm through a Reiki session, the natural internal healing processes can function better and this is a complementary to veterinary care.

Reiki healing helps to calm and relax animals which are feeling stressed, sick or suffering from emotional/physical problems. By making feel calm and peaceful, the animals will be more receptive to other treatments or medicine, which in turn leads to a quicker healing process. It is used as a complementary process, but not as a substitute for professional veterinary care and treatment.

Other ways that Reiki can help animals with serious illnesses to be less stressed and more relaxed so that they can be happier. Reiki can also help to calm an animal when the owner is giving medicine and to soothe the animal when they are hospitalised in veterinary clinics.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a form of laying on the hands on the animal and helping to balance “chakras” within the animal body.

Chakras are energy centers located in a relatively straight line along the animal body. The word “chakra” means “wheel” and are seen as spinning wheels of energy. Chakras influence, both emotionally and physically, every part and function of the animal. Chakras have varying brightness, depth, size which depends on the animal’s health and vitality. Each chakra controls a gland in the body, which controls specific organs and other aspects of consciousness.

There are 7 main Chakra centres in the animal aura. Through these 7 Chakras, animals receive and give off essential energy between the physical and subtle bodies. An animal’s feelings and thoughts passes through the chakras to the physical body, where they manifest themselves on the outer body.

A balance within the chakras results in optimal health and vitality, as it is through the chakra network that the animal’s spirit, mind and body are intertwined as one complete system. If there is any damage to the chakra, the animal would suffer pain or injury at the corresponding area of the physical body, in other words this is where illness and disease are caused. Reiki would therefore restore the balance of the energies and heal the animal.

How I can help your pet?

I conduct Reiki session for your pets.

– Distance reiki @ 70 (30 min session) or $130 (1 hour session)

– Reiki at your home @ 130 (30 min session) or $250 (1 hour session)