Concepts derived from Alpha Dog Training


Concepts derived from Alpha Dog Training 

To have an ‘obedient’ dog requires more than just standard or routine obedience training!

Lifestyle canine communication system has been developed to suit the individual dog/handler situation, as opposed to having to fit into rigid or specialized routines aimed at specific purposes.

“Life experience’ for your dog is a random and ongoing process, far beyond the boundaries of any routine and far exceeding the skills required for any specialised training activity. 

Obedience skills should be viewed as a means of clear communication and understanding between you and your dog, the result of which will be a bond and responsiveness that extends beyond the many specific exercises ever taught.

An ‘obedient’ dog is one that is willing to work through distraction whilst under your immediate/physical control and is also attentive and responsive when it’s not. The trust and understanding that results from this close relationship creates a ‘quality of life’ that should be experience at both ends of the lead  

This is what training a companion dog is all about :



Photo taken during one of the Alpha’s down stay exercises.