AC Services

What is an Animal Communication session like?

A session of Animal Communication can be very informative and also great fun too!

There are lots of surprising things that your pet had never told you before. You will learn about their personality traits, emotional well-being and feelings about various aspects of their lives. Your pets have been talking to us, except that we probably didn’t understand most of it!

Vocal ones will tell you more, whereas the shy ones may tell you a little lesser. Some may take a while to warm up before sharing their secrets with you. They may talk about things happening in their lives and what they like/dislike about it. My method of communication is to always be patient and compassionate to your pet, using a soft voice and gentle approach to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Your pet will be encouraged to open up its mind and speak freely, thus letting us to see what is on his/her mind. Usually, your pet would feel relieved after speaking up and you would also gain a deeper insight into their thoughts, strengthening the bonds between the two of you. Animal Communication has benefitted many pets and owners to restore harmony in their relationships, and it is my greatest pleasure to be a part of this process.

What I will do

  1. I will make an appointment with you to ensure an available slot.
  2. You will need to make payment via bank transfer.
  3. Send a photo and details of your pet.
  4. I will then discuss the results of the communication via skype or what’s app call with you.


Each phone/skype session would be about 45 minutes and the fee is $250.