Our Training Method

Perfect K9 is a dog and owner education centre, a place where the relationship of both dog and owner gets better! Lifestyle Canine Communication System is introduced which helps to create a link (the communication link) between dog and owner. It is the Mutual Understanding that we want to bring out that will strengthen the bond between dog and owner.

What you (the owner) want is to have a better behaved dog. A dog that can follow the owner’s instructions wherever he/she goes and at all times. Therefore, lifestyle training is introduced which helps to train your dog to learn in an environment closest to your needs. Our course is structured in a way that the training method is simple and fun to learn , which can then be applied in your daily lifestyle

Obedience training is also the key to canine behavioural problem solving . It is because the owner is learning how to motivate their dog with praise and reward and how to identify and overcome any learning problems their dog may have. Obedience issues will be discussed throughout our course, Owners are to share their canine behavioural problems (barking, chewing, jumping…etc..) in the class and we will help to find the best way to solve their problems.


What method are we using ?

Each dog is unique, therefore no single method will suite all the dogs in the world. However, the following rules will definitely make your training fun, easy to learn and very useful!

Positive Introduction is used the very first day the dog starts his training. It is not fair to give harsh correction when the dog is at his learning stage. Harsh correction will shake the dogs’ confidence and undermine the trusting relationship between owner and dog, which ultimately destroys the dogs’ temperament. At Perfect K9, we will make the class as fun as possible and to make the training simple for the handler and dog to follow!

At a later stage i.e. the training stage, when the command has already been introduced and the dog is actually working on that command, positive reinforcement should continue to be used. As the training is always so positive, a correction using your tone of voice is sufficient to discourage the dog’s unacceptable behaviour.

There should always be a contrast between rewards and corrections when training your dog, i.e. do reward good behaviours and to correct bad/unacceptable behaviours/actions. Correction should not be violent, it should be just enough to stop the unacceptable behaviour and not to destroy the dog’s confident.

Our trainer will help you to access the most suitable method to train your own dog!



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