Training FAQ

What is Lifestyle Canine Communication System?

The ‘Lifestyle‘ part of the system refers to the fact that all obedience training should be aimed at educating dog owners on how best to help their beloved pets assimilate into their individual family ‘pack’.

The handler has to work their own dog according to their needs and abilities in a manner that will be relevant to not only the training centre, but home, work or anywhere else the dog accompanies them. A domestic dog is still very much a ‘pack’ animal and needs the stimulation and interaction from other members of its family unit to help it develop the social skills and manners needed to fit into today’s society.

At Perfect K9, we use our obedience commands to help your pets to learn the human/dog ‘pack’ rules and to develop the type of relationship that can be based on understanding and respect. Using your obedience skills to constantly interact with your dog is creating an environment where the communication should be both practical and consistent, making the co existence within your family unit a very natural and comfortable situation for both people and dog.

Concepts of real time scenarios :

Within Perfect K9’s training system, the result of training is not just a dog that can perform certain exercises in various set routines around a training place, it is more to the point that the dog and handler can learn to apply their skills in varied situations and under different distractions.

The course has been designed to promote realistic handling skills away from the usual training ground. Our trainer will teach you how to handle your dog in a manner that can be applied in the home or elsewhere.

For example :

  • You may want to have your dog rest quietly beside you while you are dining outside.
  • A dog who can sit still while you are in the lift.
  • A dog who will do a stay while you need to have a short chat after seeing your friends on the street
  • A dog who can sit and wait for your instruction before crossing a junction for safety reason
  • and many many more…

Why reward based (positive) Training?

When non-positive training is used, it has been apparently effective in resolving simple behavioural problems, however, it invariably shakes the dogs’ confidence and undermines the trusting relationship between owner and dog, which ultimately destroys the dogs’ temperament. Your dog may start to dislike training which makes future training more difficult.

Obedience training requires teamwork from both owner and dog, the team will definitely work better if the training is fun and enjoyable

Positive training helps to develop a wonderful relationship with both owners and dogs regardless your dog is big or small, young or old, purebred or mixed breed.

It is the desire for a closer relationship with that dog, and the will to put in the effort to work with him

What makes positive introduction?

You have to make each new exercise as exciting and fun as possible. When a new command is introduce, only positive reinforcement need be used.

These include: Treats, Praise, Petting and Play. All these are needed as rewards to encourage the good behaviour!

Why must there be a contrast between rewards and corrections?

Always make the choice between desirable and undesirable behaviour absolutely clear to your dog. This will only work if the dog perceives that it is not in his best interest to continue the undesirable behaviour. If you praise your dog genuinely when he offers you more acceptable behaviour, the need for correction should become much less. The focus should be on showing your dog the preferred option through praise and reward rather than relying on corrections. Corrections can become very traumatic to your dog if there isn’t a clear option for the dog to follow.

Are all dogs using the same training method ?

A good trainer will be aware of many different ways to teach a dog how to do something. The best trainers can read their dogs and pick out the best match for that dog to teach him something.

Not all of us are brilliant, but a willingness to drop something that is not working and try something else still lets us take advantage of finding the right way to teach a dog something.

Over time with a particular dog, you should find that you are more likely to choose the right way to present a new concept to this dog.

At Perfect K9, we will try our best to find a method that work best for you dog.

Will normal collar works for my dog during training ?

If your training is so enjoyable and positive, your dog will be more than happy to follow your instruction. They will then obey every single command willingly and happily. There will not be a need for you to use other training equipment.

If you find that you have problems when using normal collars for training. We do have other human friendly equipment that can be used for training. (please see training collar and head halter)

What is training collar ?

Some dogs is smart enough to slip out of a normal collar and owner will have a hard time getting the dog back. These problem will stop if you are using a training collar.

A training collar is a non-slip collar that is adjustable, easy and safe to use.

What is head halter ?

Head Halter is a training equipment which is easy to use and 100% dog-human friendly. It can helps to control dogs of all sizes. The special design of head halter helps owner to gain control of the dog at all situations and at all times!

If you have problems controlling your dog due to the dog size, temperament etc….head halter is the right equipment for you and your dog!!



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