When should I start training my puppy?

What is the best age to start training my puppy? 

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This is a question I am asked very frequently as a trainer. And many times, I was told by new owners that they were told (by friends) to wait until the puppy reaches the age of 6 months old.

Why 6 months? In the past, many dogs were trained using choke chain. Trainers would usually advise owners to train only after 6 months, as younger puppies are not suitable to use choke chain which may harm their developing neck muscles.

However, these owners will often miss out the ‘golden time’ needed to train and interact with their puppies!

The right time to start training should be the moment when you first brought your dog home!

Where should I start and How?

There are many types of training you can start off with, let me name you a few:

Toilet training will usually be one of the first which most owners want to start with. And in most cases, we will advise owner to start indoor paper training before doing house breaking. Unless you do not mind to bring your dog outdoor to potty during thunderstorms and heavy rain. Otherwise it is always a good idea to potty-train the dog both indoors and outdoors.

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You may also want your puppy to know his name. After all, you will want a puppy to respond to you when called. And of course, to also give the puppy his identity! Thus, name recognition will start the moment you have a puppy.

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And of course, there are many other house rules that your puppy may need to be trained on as well.

Thus, you can see that training starts right away the moment your puppy is home.

Obedience Training

Be it you are having a small size puppy or a giant one, all of them need to be obedience trained.

Benefits of Training:

  • Help build bond between owner and puppy
  • Puppy learns to recognize words and can respond to owner’s requests
  • Owner learn to read puppy body language and know their needs
  • Well-trained puppy will be well behaved both outdoors and indoors
  • Training help to stimulate the mind of the puppy
  • It also helps to exercise and drain some of the his/her energy

The right time to obedience train your puppy is when they have received their required vaccinations if you are joining a group class. For those who want to train individually, there is no time-line as to when you can actually start. The basic rule is that, you should not wait till behavior problems surfaced before you start your training.

Best method to train all puppies

No puppy will enjoy a harsh and miserable training session. They all deserve a fun and simple training that helps them to learn effectively. Positive training is a must for all puppies. On top of that, lifestyle communication training is a good way to make your puppy learn in the most real-life scenarios. Your puppy will learn to obey wherever you go and anytime you want.

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